The gods of Babylon

The ancient city of Babylon was the birth place of a mystery religion which has survived to the present day and is deceiving the whole world. In this presentation we examine the origins of this mystery religion and see how it survives and thrives in the form of secret symbols and false systems of worship.

See how this ancient mystery religion reveals the identity of the Antichrist power that is alive and well in the world today and which is directing world events for its own purposes. Will you be deceived into receiving "the mark of the beast"?

The False Doctrine of the Trinity

Who does God reveal Himself to be in the Bible? How many divine beings are there in heaven? Is God three Persons in one as most Christians believe? Who or what is the Holy Spirit? In this presentation we show that God's nature is simple and easy to understand, and that it is we who have made it mysterious and confusing by misinterpreting what the Bible reveals about God.

This is the companion presentation to "The gods of Babylon". We recommend you watch that presentation first.

Strange gods

Could Christians as spiritual Israel today be repeating the history of literal ancient Israel? The one sin for which God continually rebuked literal Israel and which eventually resulted in their captivity and destruction was idolatry, the very thing that God commanded them never to do, or they would provoke Him to jealousy and suffer the consequences.

Is it possible that spiritual Israel today have been deceived into committing the same sin as literal ancient Israel, by worshiping not the God revealed in the Bible, but an idol of their own making?



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